Simply Bread

Hello friends! We apologize for the lack of posts in the past week or two :0 we have been unbearably busy as we are having our end of year exams now ): We have satisfied overselves with never-ending fantasies of Fullerton’s Chocolate Buffet (salivating already, just thinking about it) and colourful mooncakes amidst seemingly never-ending days of revision and panic-attacks. Well, after two days of papers, we finally have a two week break before the rest of our papers commence 🙂 Of course, we’d take advantage of this break to try out something new and post about it for your reading pleasure 🙂
This brings us to where we are now – Simply Bread @ Cluny Court. We have been meaning to check this place out for the longest time 🙂 C’mon, everyone loves a good hearty loaf of bread right? Especially breads that are sweet enough double as desserts, mmmmm simply irresistable 🙂 Of course, their selection of sandwiches, loafs, breakfast and dinner options don’t hurt either! One disappointing thing was that their online menu, which we checked out before we went to there, is different from what they serve in the restaurant itself! Saddening, as it’s always a plus to be able to check out restaurant menus online before going to the restaurant itself! Zara had been planning on having a shiitake sandwich after checking out the menu, but they didn’t have any.
Anyway, today, we’re gonna be unconventional – describing our first bites of the food, rather than the dish as a whole 🙂

Sticky Bun

We started off with the Sticky Bun ($1.85). It is generously glazed all over, we’re not sure with what though (maybe cinnamon?). The first bite was chewy and dense, with just a slight hint of cinnamon (Indeed). Zara was licking her lips from all the sweetness!


Elisa had a Turkey Sandwich($8.50): thinly sliced turkey, lettuce and tomato on wholemeal sourdough. The sandwich was seriously bursting with lettuce and slices of turkey. What you see on the menu, is definitely what you get (Y)  The slices of turkey were exceptionally sweet (guess thats a good point?) and it was a good combination with the perfectly toasted bread. Elisa found it normal, nothing special about it though.

Mushroom omelette with toast

Zara had a 2 egg omelette with mushrooms and 2 slices of toast, served with jam and butter. The omelette seemed exceptionally greasy on the plate. On first bite, it tasted like any other omelette, nothing special about it. Quite a disapoointment, especially the greasiness!!!
Simply Bread is definitely a comfortable, quiet and peaceful place where you can just sit back and chillax. Food wise, it wasn’t exceptionally good, just normal. With the disappointing main courses, I guess you could say that their main attractions are still their loaves of bread and their array of muffins and bread rolls! We’ve heard great reviews for the one at Guthrie House though so we’ll definitely be looking forward to that next time!
Simply Bread
Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road
Tel: 6763 2628

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