1-Caramel Patisserie

des·sert (n.)

  1. A usually sweet course or dish, as of fruit, ice cream, or pastry, served at the end of a meal.
  2. Chiefly British: Fresh fruit, nuts, or sweetmeats served after the sweet course of a dinner.
Dessert does, of course, fit the definition stated above, but that particular definition seems to be lacking in substance. For example, it doesn’t mention the utter bliss that eating desserts gives a person, it also fails to mention the lengths that many people (for example, 2 crazy teenage girls who should be studying for their exams instead of hunting down food all around Singapore) would go to obtain this guilty pleasure that brings so much joy to our lives. It also does not mention that desserts simply seem to conjure feelings of intoxicating indulgence, pleasure and decadence, even in the most hard-hearted human being. If we could write an ode to desserts, we would. Maybe we will, in a later post!
Enough waxing lyrical about the beauty that is a moist, warm chewy chocolate brownie. Simply put, we love desserts. In fact, we would kill to obtain said chocolate brownie, if it was needed.
1-Caramel Patisserie is a dessert boutique managed by One Rochester. They made their first appearance a few years back at The Luxe, but closed down. They have since reopened at 1 Rochester Park Level 2 above their sister venue – Roast, and are making their name as a one-stop joint for both confections and all-day breakfast. Although some people may mistake their coziness for being small, this dimunitive 16-seater welcomes you with its bright coloured interior designs and a glass window which allows you to enjoy the nature just outside the window.
After a short and satisfying lunch at Skinny Pizza, we decided to come here to indulge! No point holding back after such a filling lunch, is there?

Hazelnut Souffle with Dark Chocolate Sorbet

The Hazelnut Souffle with Dark Chocolate Sorbet ($14) was absolutely divine. The souffle was extremely light and fluffy, and a scoop of it immediately revealed the treasures within. It melts in your mouth straight away, and the caramelized sugar at the sides of the ramekin can never go wrong in satisfying your taste buds 🙂 Have a scoop of it together with the smooth, cold, dark bitter chocolate sorbet and you’ll get a taste of utter perfection. I must say that the dark chocolate sorbet is extremely addictive, and luxuriously so. And it’s a sorbet!!!! Nom Nom Nom 🙂 However one complain we would have is that the souffle was soooooo airy, that there wasn’t much filling inside. We would have enjoyed it to be a little more dense than it was. Oh well, it was still a tasty pleasure to eat!

Death By Chocolate

Death by Chocolate ($14): Valhorna Sofiato molten cake with dark chocolate sorbet. This immediately caught our attention as well. As mentioned above, the dark chocolate sorbet was heavenly, and the molten cake was equally so. There was just enough warm chocolate lava oozing out from the cake, which in our opinion, is decadence personified. A pretty unhealthy obsession with all things chocolate 🙂
 1-Caramel is definitely a place to go to satisfy your sugar cravings and it will never disappoint you. So treat yourself to this “guilty pleasure” once in a while, you know you want to, and it might not be so “guilty” after all! Especially after a long day at school/work, what could be better than some dessert therapy! So come down to this laidback and chill spot, shut up, and eat a delectable and luscious dessert. We guarantee that your cravings will be satisfied by these simple delights 🙂 We’re already looking forward to our next visit for more sweets, and we certainly won’t forget their all-day breakfast too (Hello precious Posh Platters!)!
1 Rochester Park, Level 2

Tel: 6774 1302
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