Skinny Pizza

We’ve always loved Pizzas with really really thin and crunchy crusts, and Skinny Pizza does this the best with its super light, super thin and super crackly crust 🙂 Skinny Pizza serves nothing like your traditional pizzas with dough crusts, but they serve pizzas which make for something new and different, something extraordinary, and something fabulous. Well, there’s always a first time for something new and Skinny Pizza will definitely blow your mind with their unique and creative pizzas.
Skinny Pizza offers not only pizzas, but pastas, burgers and even 1-metre long sausages (which of course would entice all you sasuage lovers)! Their sides are delicious and mouth-watering too, and we especially love their Sweet Potato Fries, coated with sugar and sesame seeds which gives that extra sweetness and crunch, and their silky and smooth Mashed Potatoes. Nom nom nom (we’ve heard that this is a sound a fat man makes when he eats, but we’ve decided that this is also a sound a hungry Sheep makes when she/he eats!). But you wouldn’t go all the way to Skinny Pizza and not try their signature Pizzas would you? Of course you wouldn’t, what a silly thought. (It’s almost an obligation)

Smoked Turkey Swiss

We’ve been eyeing this Smoked Turkey Swiss ($25) for the longest time ever. A perfect union of smoked turkey ham and piquant emmantal cheese. Served with a blueberry compote, rocket, and a sprinkling of black pepper. Yup, that’s exactly what it was – a perfect union. The cheese was not overpowering, and provided a saltiness which was perfectly balanced with the sweet blueberry compote. The blueberry compote is something different too as you would normally see turkey paired with cranberry, and not blueberry. It was definitely something unconventional! Thumbs up for creativity without compromising the taste! However, we felt that there should have been a little more Turkey as ultimately, it’s still a Turkey pizza.

Grilled Figs with Parmesan Crumble

The Grilled Figs with Parmesan Crumble ($25) was indeed a delight as well 🙂 The generous amount of figs were juicy and grilled to perfection, giving that savoury flavour that we so enjoyed. The orange segments provided that sweetness to balance all the flavours. The roasted walnuts and permesan crumble provided that extra crunch to the entire dish, and the creamy cranberry yogurt dressing tied everything together to allow for a balanced and delicious meal 🙂
We ended the meal with a Warm Banana Salted Caramel Cake ($7): a sweet-salty creation stacked with pieces of glazed bananas and coffee popcorn and nicely balanced with salted caramel and coffee soil. It is a salty-sweet delight that is sure to please your tastebuds 🙂 The popcorn was extremely addictive. At first we couldn’t figure out the flavour of it, all we knew was that it was something different – it wasn’t sweet, nor was it salty. The coffee flavour wasn’t that strong though and if the menu hadn’t said it, we wouldn’t have known that it was there. The bananas were nicely caramelized and sweet, and played a big part in the overall deliciousness of the cake. The caramel even seemed to be oozing out from the center of the cake, almost like one of a chocolate lava cake! This is surely an amazing way to satisfy your sweet tooth.
We must say that the waiters and waitresses were really pleasant and attentive, and we liked how they would make an effort to chat with us each time despite the restaurant being very crowded. Definitely a 10/10 for service!
Skinny Pizza is a healthy kind of pizza with its low-carb thin crust and fresh healthy and unique pairings of their tasty toppings. To those of you who may prefer traditional types of pizzas with their dough crusts, Skinny Pizza might be a little weird for you, but we definitely encourage you to try their pizzas. After all, we’re all entitled to our own opinions and taste preferences. All in all, Skinny Pizza is definitely a valuable addition to our food scene, and we’ll definitely be back to try more of their pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, sliders, risottos, and definitely their desserts 🙂 Do be sure to make a reservation though, especially on weekends!
Skinny Pizza Wheelock
601 Orchard Road #03-04
Wheelock Place
Tel: 6235 7823
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