When little kids go out to play

Today, we attempted to have a batch outing. Well, yes it kinda failed, but oh well 🙂
We watched Captain America. If we were to summarize it in 3 words, it’ll be: abs, power, red. Go watch the movie yourself to find out what we’re talking about! ahhaha, we won’t give any spoilers! 🙂 Overall, we liked the movie as it had all the elements of a good movie — Action, Adventure, a struggle of good versus evil (basically an exciting plot), HOT people, and the it wasn’t a cliche, even though they managed to include some romance in it. The movie was able to stay true to die-hard fans of the comic book, though newer audience might find the ending a little awkward 🙂 A solid 4/5
We then had lunch at ion. Everyone knows Ion for its wide variety of food available at the basement. Many an hour has been spent wondering through the aisles of the food hall, staring and smelling the array of food that assaulted us from every direction.

Vietnamese Vegeterian Rice Paper Roll

We each had a vegeterian Vietnamese Rice Paper Roll ($3.90 for 2) filled with Shiitake Mushrooms and Turnips from The Orange Lantern. We enjoyed the delicate taste of the rice roll and were glad that the rice paper was sturdy enough to withold the generous amount of toppings stuffed into it.
 Elisa had a Vietnamese Sandwich ($6), or a Bánh mì, which was basically a Vietnamese Baguette made with both wheat and rice flour, filled with thinly sliced pickled carrots, daikon, cucumbers, cilantro, chicken pate, mayonnaise and a protein. The choices for this protein at The Orange Lantern included Prawns, Grilled Chicken with Mango, Roast Beef, and Shiitake Mushrooms with Turnips for the Vegeterians. I settled for the Prawns 🙂 The baguette didnt taste that much different from a normal baguette, it was nicely toasted though, which gave it that extra crunch. The vegetables were indeed flavourful, a little sweet I guess, and the Chicken pate was able to round and bring all the flavours together. (Sadly, Elisa had forgotten to take a picture of it D: we apologize for that)

From left to right: courgette, bell peppers, spinach, eggplant

Zara had the Four Seasons Pizza ($7.50) from Pupella Pizza. From left to right: courgette, capsicum, spinach, eggplant. The crust was perfect – thin and cripsy, and the toppings were nicely roasted and coated with just the right amout of cheese. The pizza was a little oily though, but that can easily be solved by dabbing off some of the oil before eating. A good and hearty meal! 🙂
Despite an evidently splendid and sumptuous lunch, Zara, being the greedy sheep that she always is, insisted on having some dessert. She settled for a Chocolate Banana Custard Waffle ($3) from Marvelous Cream. The custard filled waffle definitely looked appealing enough and was packed delightfully and neatly to look like a sandwich! However, the it didn’t taste as good ast it looked. It was mostly filled with plain old custard and the chocolate banana filling was confined to a little space right in the middle of the waffle. Also, the chocolate waffle was quite soggy, which is perfectly expected and understandable considering it had been refrigerated for quite a while. We do applaud the wide variety of waffles and fillings that Marvelous Cream offers, but we feel that it still has quite a long way to go in terms of value for money and taste.
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