Real Food

As vegetarianism gains popularity in Singapore and around the world, demand for restaurants serving vegetarian food are seen as places that offer healthy fare without sacrificing taste.
Let it be said that restaurants that serve both vegetarian and organic food are extremely hard to find in Singapore. However, we hit the jackpot when we chanced upon a restaurant that has become one of our favorite places to have a meal 🙂
Real Food, located at the basement of The Central, is definitely a hidden gem. It is a cafe and a grocer, which “prepares [their] food using only the finest organic ingredients, in the best possible way, to lock in all those precious goodness”.
It is a casual place that offers various recipe and nutrition books, and food magazines for customers to browse through as they have their meal. We have been longing to come here ever since they came to our school to sell their Vegan Ice Cream ($4 per scoop). Although the dairy that is found in usual ice cream was substituted with Brown Rice, it was still a hit with our schoolmates as it managed to retain the soft and creamy texture enjoyed of normal ice cream. Who would be able to resist a healthy yet tasty, sinless dessert?
Real Food’s All Day Breakfast menu is indeed attractive, with offerings such as Blueberries and Banana French Toast ($7.80), and gluten-free Strawberries and Banana Pancakes ($8.80) Breakfast is indeed a filling affair at this restaurant! You can also create your own pizza with the various organic toppings offered on the menu such as wild mushrooms and organic pineapple ($12.80 for a customized pizza). Sounds good doesnt it? 🙂
We settled for the vegan Signature Brown Rice Set ($6.80), which featured sautéed pumpkins and aubergines, steamed silken tofu with spicy sauce, sprouts, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and a cauliflower (yes, they gave us ONE cauliflower). The pairing of the pumpkin, with its sweet yet slightly nutty flavor, together with the savory aubergines was extremely delightful. What’s more interesting is that there were even barley beans among the brown rice! Evidently, it was a one healthy hearty portion 🙂

The vegan Veggie Noodles ($6.80): Whole-wheat noodles stir-fried with capsicum, wild mushrooms, carrots and cabbage strips. We loved how colourful the entire dish was. The crunchiness and sweetness of the vegetables served as a delightful contrast to the chewy and savoury noodles. It was indeed a flavourful and filling lunch, with Zara greedily finishing every strand of noodle 🙂
Real Food is a new addition to Singapore’s healthy eating and organic food circuit. We will definitely be back to try some of their Dumplings which are made with no less than 10 ingredients, such as carrots, mushrooms, bean curd, French beans and chestnuts. Certainly something to look forward to 🙂
Prices are reasonable and there’s no GST and service charge too! 😀
Real Food
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
The Central #B1-52/53
Tel: 6224 4492
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4 Responses to Real Food

  1. su says:

    Oh! I’ve tried the dumplings here, it’s really good. The place was really cozy wasn’t it? I love it. Also, you guys write really well, in a unpretentious way:)

    • Hey SU! yes the place is so cute and we’ll be sure to try the dumplings the next time we go there! and we’re kinda surprised you found our blog! thanks for reading and commenting (:

  2. you guys should go and try the vegan food at LivinGreens! it’s veeeeery yummy and healthy too!! ^-^

    • Hi Chenxi! We’ve tried LivinGreens a really long time ago before we started this blog. and yes their food is really delicious! We’ll try to visit it sometime soon and blog about it! Thanks for the tip (:

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