Ciao animali delli fattoria! (Hello farm animals!) Hope the week has been kind to you, with lots of food and nice desserts and vegetables to keep you healthy and your coat fluffy! And happy, of course :O)
Guess where we went for lunch today……
Modesto’s Restaurant!
“It’s never only about dining out at Modesto’s.
With every visit, let us create wonderful memories for you.”
But first, let us tell you the story of an adolescent naked mole-rat, Nicolette! One fine day, Nic’s animal gang asked her what she would like to eat for her birthday lunch. She replied: ” KUEH”. After much head-scratching and explaining on Nic’s part, we realised that she actually meant Gnocchi!  Thus, we, her uberly good farm animal friends, set out to find an Italian restaurant to satisfy dear Nic’s cravings for this ‘kueh‘. (We realised that there aren’t many affordable Italian restaurants which serve Gnocchi!) And so, on the fateful date of the 21st of July, we found ourselves at Modesto’s. We ate, we laughed, we talked, we drank, and we smiled. In short, it was a good lunch and we had fun 🙂
Nic the naked mole-rat, resplendent in her lime green outer coverings.
Foccaccia with some Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil 
Pizza Ai Funghi ($20.50): Tomato, cheese, sauteed shiitake and button mushrooms. Thumbs up for the generous amount of mushroom and cheese and the extraordinarily thin crust that did its job in containing all the wonderful toppings. The wonders of Traditional Italian Wood-Fired Pizzas mmmm ….. Needless to say, we were very happy 🙂
Gnocchi Alla Boscaiola ($21.50): traditional italian potato dumplings with cooked pork ham, mushroom, diced tomatoes and basil in cream sauce. Well, we Sheep have never been big fans of potatoes, mmmm thought they’re a tad bit boring for our exciting food-filled lives. Oh well, Nic loved it, and it was all about her today 🙂
Cannelloni Agli Spinach ($21.00): Fresh home-made pasta filled with spinach and cheese, oven-baked with tomato and cream sauce. Bubbling hot cheese can never go wrong! 🙂 The pasta was cooked al-dente and the delicious pairing of spinach and cheese was indeed filling (pardon the pun). The scarce amount of tomato sauce no doubt added colour and vibrancy to the dish as a whole, but it seemed a little redundant and random, and lost among all the creaminess. Hold the tomato sauce, we say, and bring on the cream sauce! Sheep do love their cream sauce!
Yay, Happy Birthday Nicolette the Naked Mole-Rat 🙂
Modesto’s Restaurant
1 Tanglin Road #01-09/10
Orchard Parade Hotel 
Tel: 6235 7808 
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