Hello fellow farm animals!
Hope today has been a great food-filled one for all of you :o) If it hasn’t, your 2 favourite food-crazy Sheep are here to your rescue!
Do you like fruits/vegetables/pasta/any kind of food you could possibly imagine? Do you have 2 kinds of favourite foods? Would you like BOTH or possibly ALL your favourite foods on the same plate?
If you answered ‘YES!’ or ‘uh…maybe?’ or even ‘uh, NO, i don’t like food, cos I just got braces and my teeth hurt!’ to any of the above questions, then we know where you should go for lunch!
The paradise for really good food. 
Munchserves many kinds of yummy, nutritious, filling, intresting and colourful types of food that all animals are sure to love. They have 61 different types of salads and dishes, and sandwiches (includes breads like Ciabatta and Baguette), wraps (which come in 3 tasty flavours, original, spinach and tomato), and hotplates (which include salmon/dory fillet, as well as roast chicken to go along with any 2 choices of salad).
Salads, our favourite food in the world cos Sheep need their greens to grow strong and healthy and have fluffy fur, come in 3 sizes, small (3 different kinds of salad), regular (4 different kinds) and large (5 different kinds). Prices range from $8.20 to $13.30.
Zara’s salad of Springy Broccoli, Luscious Mushrooms and Fruit Medley
Elisa’s salad of Sugar Snap Peas, Soba Noodles Salad, Pear and Feta
So, the moral of the story is, GO HAVE LUNCH AT MUNCH! (it even rhymes)
Robinson 112 #01-01
Tel: 6223 5197
Sheep Quote of the Day: If your hair is turning white, you’re not growing old, you’re just as cool as a Sheep! And snow! And all things white! Like vanilla icecream (:
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